Sock Sizing & Care

Sock Sizing

As the nature of the human form varies, so does the way our socks will fit within the below size chart ranges, but here's some general 'good to know' info. Of course, we'd be more than happy to answer any specific questions about fit / sizing - just send a message through the Contact page.

Fashion Styles: fit a little lower than just below the calf, or between ankle and below calf, depending on your anatomy. The flat knit allows for these to be worn with a variety of shoe styles. (no cushioning).
Knit in the U.S.A. Styles: fit usually just below the calf, a bit thicker in quality due to knit structure and cushioning, so not ideal with tight-fitting shoes.

For your reference: Models in images shown are a U.S. shoe size 6.5 (women’s) and shoe size 11 (men’s).

We've measured a few pairs after washing a few times, to find that the maximum stretch at the top (cuff) measures on average 36-38 cm, and 38-40 cm, respectively. 

Want to help us with our Sock Sizing Project? Follow the link for more info, and to fill out a custom spec.  Email it back to us for a discount code for your next purchase!

Sock Size

Fits Most in this range - U.S. Size Shoe Size


Women’s 5-9 / Men’s 5-6

Medium / Large

Women’s 9.5-11 / Men’s 6.5-11


Caring for your Socks

Washing & Drying
Ideal Method:

Hand-wash with cold water and hang dry. (*not for extended time in the sun though, as that can damage the yarns and fade over time). This method will allow your socks to live their best life. 

Time-saver Method:
Machine wash with like colors, cold, gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Machine dry at low heat, tumble / low settings.These simple actions can extend the life, and the 'stretch-ability' of your socks. High heat dry settings will cause shrinkage, and can affect fit.


You can deter fabric-chomping critters with things like cedar wood blocks and lavender scents in your drawer or closet if you plan to store away your socks.  


Cradle to Cradle
When your socks have lived their best life, and are ready to retire, here are some good ways to let them live out the rest of their days with purpose:

Recycle or Donate
Got a hole in the toe? Cut off that part and use as a leg warmer or style under your sandals. Create a cozy for your drinks or make a hair tie out of your retired socks. Make a scarf if you are feeling extra creative! Depending on the state of your socks, you may want to donate to a local shelter or a venue that could make good use of the not-so-new pairs. 


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, let us know! Not only do we learn from our customers, but we love talking with you - Contact Us.