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Custom Cat Portraits

Ready to immortalize your fabulous feline by way of a custom portrait? If it's a fun, expressionistic piece you're looking for, then you've come to the right place!

Pricing: Acrylic paintings on canvas are $110 for 11" x 14" or  $150 for a 16" x 20" (free shipping & includes up to 2 cats in painting). Digital portraits are $50 (1 cat in digital).  

Be sure to take a look at some samples of Jess' portrait work to get an idea of her style. 

1) Contact Jess to introduce yourself (and your kitty!). Ask any questions, and let Jess know what you're looking for - Be sure to mention how you heard about her work!

2) After initial contact is established, Jess will send you any additional info to start the process.

3) Send Jess any required materials, (like photos, color specifications, etc.) so she can get started. Jess will be in contact with any questions along the way / status updates.

4) Review and confirm final artwork (via email) make payment, and receive your purr-sonalized cat painting in the mail or digital image via email! >^..^< There's no obligation if for some reason, you're just not satisfied with the final piece.

6) Celebrate your new artwork! Share a photo of your artwork on display, or next to your famous kitty - just tag @jd_catart on Instagram or email Jess a photo to share. Your pet's portrait will be added to Jess' Hall of Pet Fame! 

blank canvas ready for custom portait