Purr-sonalize Your Art with Jess’ One-of-a-kind Style

A peek into the custom cat portrait process: Jess first sketches your kitty from a few photos that you provide, then you select your favorite one! Jess will then paint a unique, stylized & whimsical custom cat painting - just for you; the portrait can be given as a gift or displayed proudly in your home. You become a part of the process as you help select background colors, detail direction and final approval. All portraits are original acrylic paintings on canvas, signed, and unframed.

Things to Note:

There is currently a wait-list for custom portraits: Jess always strives for quality and staying true to her work. If you are interested in being added to the list, please send a message via the Contact page for more information. Jess will try to send additional information or updates as availability increases.

Style: Part of a Jess Doutrich original is the charm of her style! So, if you’re looking for a photo-realistic painting of your kitty pal, it might be good to research some other artists out there who specialize in that. Jess’ custom portraits will capture the character of your kitty, but with an infusion of Jess’ signature style. Before requesting a portrait, please take a look at the Gallery to get an idea of what the end portrait may look like.

Pricing: Custom portrait pricing varies, depending on the artwork size, how many pets are in the painting, if more than 3 changes are requested, and shipping destination. Prices may vary during busy holiday seasons as well, but Jess will always honor her up-front quotes, and she still stands by her promise that if you are not satisfied with the end result, you are not obligated to purchase the portrait. As a client, you will have the final “approval” on the portrait before the painting is shipped.

As an artist, Jess asks that you also respect her creative boundaries and suggestions; the custom portraiture process is meant to be a collaborative effort between artist and the portrait requester, and should be a fun experience for both. If you’re unsure, or have a lot of questions about the process, feel free to ask as many questions as you need.

Initial Sketch to Finished Portrait example artwork.